Service and applications offered by ISOTOTAL Quality First s.r.l consist in development, hosting and maintenance of a web site, accessible through internet connections on any device capable to run a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.).
The address of the website will be a subdomain of isototal.net or isototal.ro (company.isototal.net).
Our applications has main users in companies of industrial fields (automotive, manufacturing of goods), but not only.
The applications were designed to facilitate implementation and maintain of the Quality Management Sistems according ISO 9001 and IATF standards.
We do not offer shared applications and each customer receives an individual website that is complete separate from the websites of other customers.
Online since 2008.

DMS (Document Management System) - Document management system

* The directory/file structure in which the documents are organized is defined by the organization and is similar to the one in Windows Explorer, familiar to any user
* For the established directories/subdirectories, rights to view, modify, add documents can be defined for each user.
* The application allows the definition of types of documents and for each type of document it is possible to establish their coding (name) and approval rules.
* Any document in the system can be found in a few seconds through the search option by certain properties: code, name, title.
* Prevents simultaneous changes: a document taken from the server is marked so that no other user will be able to modify it
* Only the latest version is used: a user who wants to view/modify a document will default to the latest version from the server
* Prevents data overlap: When a document is taken from the server and modified, a new version is created after the modification, the previous version remains on the server, ensuring at the same time a history of the document
* Data security: all files are archived/encrypted upon entering the system, they can only be accessed and viewed with this system.
* A message and notification module within the system and by email, between: system - user and user - user.
* Web interface compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, can be used in intranet and Internet.

Internal KPI Management (Process Indicators)

* Definition of responsibilities
* Definition of indicators per person in charge
* Definition of calculation methods
* Targets and objectives
* Graphics
* Email alerts for indicator completion delay
* Actions when the objective is not reached
* Possibility of implementing automatic calculation

Management of internal / external audits

* Planning internal and external audits
* Achievement stage monitoring
* Email alerts
* Targets and objectives
* Connected with Action Plans module
* Upload audit files

Management of Action Plans

* Electronic approval and distribution
* Action implementation stage monitoring
* Automatic email alerts to those responsible for actions
* Analysis 5 Why? integrated
* Upload files

Measuring and monitoring equipment management

* Status monitoring
* Automatic email alerts to managers
* Synthesis required calibration per month
* Upload files

Other modules developed for customers

* Internal meetings
* Human Resources (Training plan, Skill matrix)
* Internal and external complaints (8D)
* Warehouse Inventory (integrated barcode)
* Production orders
* Project management
* Maintenance management
* SPC-Cpk